"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
In Patient School Services


Highly qualified teachers, art therapists, music therapists, and other related service personnel will work with your child's home school division to keep him or her up to date and on track with school work while in their in-patient hospital stay.  We work with students from all over the world in staying current with school, navigating the medical and school connection, and evaluating students to ensure success after leaving the hospital. We can contact your child's home school to get homework assignments and maintain progress in their courses and schoolwork. We have access to online educational software and systems to keep them connected and learning while in the hospital. All credit and grades earned through participating in the Hospital Education Program are transferred back to your home school division and counted as credit. In-patient admissions can be at the Children's Hospital Downtown Campus, Sheltering Arms Rehabilitation Hospital,  or the Brook Road Transitional Care Hospital.

Out Patient Educational Consultation Services 


At State Operated Health Clinics in the Central Virginia region, Educational Consultants may work with your student based on a physician's referral.  Currently, these clinics include the Child Development Clinic, the Care Connection for Children, the Sickle Cell Clinic, Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Clinics.  Qualified Educational consultants can provide educational assessments, evaluations, and reports during your clinic visit. Out-patient consultants work with children seen in any of the State supported clinics at the Children's Hospital of Richmond. Educational consultants may provide information to child study teams; assist in providing information to help others understand and explain the educational implications of conditions, disabilities, or illness of your child; and provide on-going support throughout your child's out-patient visits within State supported clinics at the Children's Hospital of Richmond.