Torn Paper Trees-Create exciting art using torn paper. This technique adds texture and color to your work in three easy steps. Click the link and enjoy the lesson.

Labyrinth-This type of art allows you to use geometric patterns to create awesome images. A labyrinth resembles a maze with a single path leading to the center. Click on the link to learn more  and see how it’s done.

Fresco Painting-Have fun creating art using watercolor on wet plaster for fresh, long-lasting, vibrant colors.

Let’s Do Art with Keys and Tools -Learn more about the observation of line, color,  and composition, and how those things affect the objects we look at daily. Experiment with how changing colors can change moods and the way people see the world.

PPE-Mask Making-Here is a cool lesson and a constructive way to use your artistic skills. Make your own mask and one to share. This video will take you step by step through the mask making process. Grab some cloth and get ready to sew!

Sharpie Art - Make awesome decorations for yourself or a friend with sharpies and ceramic tiles. All you need are a few items and space to create.  Watch the lesson for step-by-step instructions.

Keys and Tools -This lesson will teach you about how the observation of line, color, and composition can affect the objects we see.

Drawing with (Ink) MarkersUsing markers to draw can be fun and relaxing. This lesson will guide you through the process of creating art using only markers and paper.

Watercolor Painting-Here’s a fun activity. Create a painting by blending paint and water to produce interesting effects and make amazing art. Click the link to get started.

Oil Resist Watercolors - Oil and water are not compatible. So, what happens when they meet on a canvas? -- something exciting! Watercolor resist techniques are quick, easy, and fun. Grab your paintbrush and let's get started.

Glass Bead Suncatcher - Suncatchers are beautiful pieces of art you can hang near a window to brighten up any room.  This lesson will take you step-by step through the process so you can make your own.           

Shake Painting - Who says you have to have a paintbrush to make a painting?  Let's have some fun painting with beans instead!  This lesson will teach you how to shake things up while creating beautiful art.       

Printing with Nature-This lesson will teach you how to use elements of nature, such as rocks, leaves, seashells, and pinecones, to create interesting and unique art.

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