Language Arts

Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homophones can be confusing. This video will help students learn the difference.

Introducing Context Clues-Learn how to use hints the author gives to help define difficult or unusual words when reading.

Affixes and Root Words-Did you know that you can figure out the meaning of words based on their roots or affixes. This lesson will teach you how you can use parts of a word to understand what the word means.

Story Elements-This video will help you understand three of the five basic story elements authors use to tell a story. Elements are needed for stories to run smoothly and for action to develop in a way that readers can easily follow.

Back to School Vocabulary- Let’s explore some of the words you will hear in school this year.


Historical Money- Whose face is on the dollar bill?  Learn the names of people whose faces appear on paper money and a few interesting facts about them.

Arthur Ashe-If you like tennis, you probably know a little about Arthur Ashe who was the greatest tennis player in American History.  He was also a human rights activist.  This lesson will tell you all about the great things Arthur Ashe accomplished.

Introduction to Symphony- Can you identify instruments from the four orchestral families.  This lesson will tell you all about musical instruments and important people who work together to make going to a concert a musical treat.

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a national holiday that is recognized as a day of giving thanks.  It is celebrated in different countries around the world.  Watch this video to learn more.

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John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe- This lesson includes accomplishments of the presidents listed above. Also included are pictures and links to informative videos.